What is Beacon Line?

Beacon Line is a battery free main powered network solution for maintenance-free permanent installations based on wired radio nodes. You can use Beacon Line as beacon network, beacon observer network for tracking of moving beacons or both simultaneously.

The simplicity of Beacon Line's network concept makes it easy for you implementing large scaled wireless ideas with high degree of technical flexibility and modular expansion.

All advantages in detail

For large-scale deployments


  • Item tracking
  • Staff tracking
  • Customer tracking
  • Moveable tools tracking
  • Vehicles tracking
  • Movement patterns


  • Indoor positioning
  • Robotic navigation
  • Store mapping
  • Parking space advisor
  • Seat locator
  • Room navigation


  • Contactless ticket and payment
  • Check-in control
  • Location based service
  • Location dependent content
  • Loss protection
  • Security alerts

Developed for fast installation

Built up the network

Simply connect each Beacon node with standard CAT-5 Ethernet cables and join them in lines up to 10-15 devices. Ready-made cables can be used - no tools needed. The lightweight and slim nodes do not need individually fastening. This makes up an easy installation in existing cable trays on walls and ceilings. Up to 60 meters between each node are possible - thus each line can cover distances over one mile!

Power supply

The power and data are in on cable. Only one power source is needed at the beginning of each Beacon Line, typically provided by the Gateway. No seperate cabling needed.

Gateway communication

The Gateway can be any standard desktop or embedded PC. Each node is represented as standard serial COM or TTY port - thus individually addressable, readable and writeable by the developer. Gateways can be joined by TCP/IP to process data and configuration at a convenient remote location.

Flexible network grids

Service concepts
Single Node Line
Looped Node Line
Multi Node Lines

Useful applications

Beacon Mode

Beacon tells "here i am"

Beacon Line Mode

Beacon Observer Mode

Beacons listen

Beacon Line Observer Mode

Beacon Dual Mode

Beacon tells and listen simultaneously

Beacon Line Dual Mode

Your technology advantages

Flexible installation

The modular system offers you simple and flexible installations. It is designed also for easy integration into existing facility systems and electrical installations.

No battery

The Beacon Line's power supply comes from one central power supply module for each line. No battery is required. Thus you avoid unexpected cost risk in large scale deployment for batteries and its replacement.

High scalability

Due to its architecture the network can be scaled cost-effective to any size. Just plug additional Beacon Line nodes to an existing line or create a new line easily.

Standard plugs

Beacon Line complies with established standards like USB and RJ-45 network plugs. Thats not only makes its easier to install, but also cheaper purchasing accessories such as cables or adapters.

Triple operation mode

Smart use as beacon, beacon observer or both simultaneously. Beacon Line fulfils the requirements of any utilization concept and opening up new opportunities for your wireless applications.

Centralized configuration

The node line concept enables simple, centralized configuration and administration of the beacon infrastructure. Each beacon node can be configured individually.

Security mechanisms

We provide various security measures. Encrypted authentication, unconnectable nodes and centralized configuration protect against fake node, cloning and DoS attacks.

Highest level of support

Regardless of whether you need advice, technical support or development information, we are always available for you. Our customer support is delivered directly from developer to developer - without any detours or fuss - and if necessary, via remote maintenance directly to your PC.

Full read and write access

Each module can be addressed separately with its world-wide unique ID. This allows you individually full read and write access with the possibility of entering additional information and data sets on each module.

For outdoor use

We offer special casing solutions for outdoor and industrial applications on demand, whether dust-proofed, water proofed or for industrial temperature range.

Open for developers

All Beacon packages are transmitted transparently for flexible reuse and processing. Each node is mapped to a serial TTY or COM port and thus individually programmable, configurable and addressable. The gateway can connect to MQTT servers for publish/subscribe services and for web-based appliances.

Open for your ideas

The sky's the limit. Feel free to thinking about any wireless user or machine application. The node line concept is open for great ideas. We offer solutions for integrating devices like sensors and actuators or other wireless technologies like Zigbee, 21 NFC, MBus, KNX, 6LoWPAN etc.

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